The fonts used on this site are Sorts Mill Goudy and Open Sans. Sorts Mill Goudy is a digital revival of Goudy Old Style and an homage to Frederic Goudy, regarded as the "most ebulliently American of all American type designers", as well as a
Bloomington-Normal native. We thought this was a good compliment to the industrious, community-driven
spirit of the Ewings. Open Sans is which is a digital companion of Myriad, a humanist sans-serif designed
by one of the most influential woman typographers, Carol Twombly. Since Hazel Ewing was a
trailblazer for women's equality, we thought it only fitting to look toward female leaders
within our own industry of design for inspiration.Photography on this site comes
generously from Karen and Nathan Bridges of Beyond the Well, Mark Romine
of Mark Romine Photography, and Lyndsie Schlink and Jacob DeGeal of
Illinois State University, all residents of Bloomington-Normal.
You may notice a subtle shift to the color palette of
this site throughout the year. The environment
of Ewing Cultural Center is replicated through
tints of green and accents of blue, red,
orange and purple: the colors that
flourish on the grounds of the
Center all year-round. To
experience this natural
rhythm first-hand,
consider planning
a visit to

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