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Event Policies 

The following policies are established by the Illinois State University Foundation. 

Ewing properties are smoke- and tobacco- free, including the Genevieve Green Gardens and the Courtyard. This policy is includes electronic cigarettes. Please visit Illinois State University's Health Promotion and Wellness website for more information

Facility Usage Policies

The Ewing Cultural Center can be used for events of the following nature:

  • Educational purposes such as training, retreats, or conferences.
  • Social purposes such as receptions, dinners or luncheons.
  • Civic & Cultural: Non-profit clubs, organizations, & government groups, and subject to approval.
  • Commercial: Groups and organizations that are business entities or represent business ventures.
  • Private: Limited to weddings, retirement, anniversary parties and other special events, and subject to approval.

The following regulations are applicable to all renters:

  • Rentals: Rental availability is at the discretion of the Ewing Cultural Center.
  • Commercial Usage: Ewing Cultural Center may not be rented to commercial groups or individuals for the purpose of selling or advertising products .
  • Fundraising: Fundraising is limited to nonprofit groups only. According to the terms of the Hazle B. Ewing Trust, Ewing Cultural Center is not available for political fundraising events or for the dissemination of information of a political nature.
  • Underage student groups: Adult supervisors must be present during the event.

Photo Policies

Please print a copy of the photo policy and photo permit if you plan on taking photos. 

The Illinois State University Foundation, a private non-profit organization, owns and operates Ewing Cultural Center and the Genevieve Green Gardens. It reserves the right to control the types of photographs taken on the property and prohibit photographic activities that are inappropriate, disruptive or incompatible with the mission of our Foundation and the Hazle B. Ewing Trust. It also reserves the right to terminate photographic activities at any time if it is not in the best interest of the site and our guests.

Purchasing a photo permit
  • A photo permit is required for professional photography. Posed photography is defined as (but not limited to) any posed image of individuals, groups or/and the setting of events. A permit is required if the photographer is a professional.
  • Photographers or other subjects may purchase a photo permit for non-exclusive use of the Gardens at $50 per hour for non wedding photos.  Additional hours or portions of an hour are charged at the same rate. This permit is exclusive to the subjects in the photography session. Photographers must have a permit for each photography session.
  • A Wedding Photo Permit for non-exclusive use of the Gardens may be purchased for $100 per hour or portions of an hour for a group of up to 20 subjects.
  • Visitors are encouraged to take non-posed photographs of the gardens or buildings for personal use.
  • At no time is any area of Ewing Cultural Center to be used as a setting or backdrop for commercial photographs for the purpose of selling or advertising products or services.
Photography of Events
  • The renter is permitted to have a professional photographer to take photos of the the event and the individuals participating in the event at no charge. 
  • Photographs must be taken within the time that the facilities are contracted to the renter.
  • Availability for  high school Homecoming and Prom photography are always determined by the center's rental schedule. These photographic activities are not allowed when the venue is rented.
Reserving a photo session 
  • Reservations are required for all photo sessions, and are subject to prior rental of the facilities. 
  • Reservations are accepted up to 30 days and no less than 4 days in advance of the shoot. 
  • All photographs must be taken within regular hours of operation, which are 8:00 a.m. until dusk. Sessions may be scheduled no later than one hour before dusk.
  • Please note that there is limited availability for wedding photography. Most Saturdays in warm weather are reserved for wedding ceremonies and receptions at Ewing Cultural Center. These events supersede wedding photography.


  • Do not walk in any planted, mulched or wooded area. Always stay on paths and turf areas. Even though the flowerbeds may look empty, perennial plant shoots grow just below the surface of the soil. Stepping on these shoots will kill or damage the plants by compacting the soil.
  • Ewing Cultural Center does not offer public rest rooms or areas for changing clothing. 
  • Do not injure, disturb, damage, deface or remove any plant, part of the plant, plant identification marker, garden feature, rock or site furniture for any reason.
  • Do not climb up, walk on or abuse trees, shrubs, plants, fences, walls, boulders or other garden features. Do not climb on or into any fountain or other water features.
  • Do not bring pets as part of your photo shoot. Assistance animals are the only animals allowed on the property.
  • ALL vehicles including limousines that are associated with the photo shoot must park across the street at the St. John's Lutheran Church parking lot. You can make a prior arrangement to drop off members of the group at the driveway of Ewing Cultural Center (via Sunset Road) and then park the vehicle across the street. You must use the cross road of Towanda Avenue and Emerson Street to walk from the parking lot to the Ewing Cultural Center.
  • Photography is prohibited in interior spaces, including bathroom facilities and rain shelters.
  • Alcohol is prohibited at photo shoots.
  • The Ewing Cultural Center is the only organization that has the right to issue a photo permit.
  • Do not block pathways, stairways, entries or other areas out of courtesy to other visitors.
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